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Silver Beacon Partners LLC

Investment Focus

SBP will obtain full or majority control, with our managers assuming full-time operating roles responsible for day-to-day management and oversight.

Because our breadth of experience lets us examine businesses in a variety of sectors, our greatest interest is in situations where our skills – whether in operations, sales & marketing, finance, strategy, or general management – can be actively deployed to help a business realize greater potential.


Our interest is greatest in manufacturing companies that can or do use distributed sales channels, have products in renewable demand, and provide identifiable opportunities for increasing margins through top- and bottom-line improvements.

We seek investment opportunities that meet a majority of the following criteria:


Revenues up to $30 million

Adjusted EBITDA between $200,000 and $8 million
(see also Special Situations, below)




Manufacturing businesses that can or do use distributed sales channels, with bias toward products with renewable demand. Example segments:

  • Consumer products, especially those also sold through independent channels: home accent, gift, personal care, pet, toy, home furnishings, sporting goods, etc.
  • Commercial & Industrial supply: safety, filtration, cutting elements, uniforms, MRO materials, etc.
  • Chemical manufacturing (non-commodity) and value-added distribution
  • Pharmaceutical & life-sciences products, supplies, and related services



U.S. and Canada, Rockies through eastern seaboard



Context Readily identifiable opportunities for margin improvement through top-line growth and/or operational efficiency

Ownership seeking a succession plan, to transition out of day-to-day operating responsibility, and/or an opportunity to share in the upside that can be achieved with outside skills and capital, while diversifying their personal wealth

Fundamentally sound operating history, though special situations and turnarounds will be considered

About Special Situations

As operators, we recognize that many distressed businesses have intrinsic value – a novel or unique product offering, a loyal customer base, a long-respected brand – that, due to factors within or outside the company’s control, are either not being realized, or are under-performing by economic measures.

In such situations, we provide a unique option to owners. Our partnership was formed with the flexibility to consider situations that may require operational assistance prior to owner exit. And our network includes groups with capital and operational expertise geared specifically to such situations, enabling us to prepare and execute a viable plan that provides ownership a significantly more attractive alternative to those currently being considered.

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